See the swimming pigs in the Bahamas


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Where is Pig Island

The swimming pigs are located in the Exuma Cays, a district made up of over 350 islands in the Bahamas. Pig Island’s official name is Big Major Cay. The closest, most popular island is Staniel Cay.

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How to Get There

Because this island is inhabited, the only way to arrive is by boat. You can either book a tour from Nassau, fly to Great exuma and book a tour from there or fly to Staniel Cay.

From Nassau

There are a few tour options from Nassau (which is what I did). They can be pricey and time consuming but you get to make other stops along the way. My tour, Hidden Beaches , included feeding iguanas, swimming with sharks, lunch at a yacht club and a sandbar if the tide is low enough.

Other Tour Operators:

Harbour Safaris

From Great Exuma

Exams Water Sports

4 C’s Adventure

From Staniel Cay

If you choose to fly to Staniel Cay, there are quick flights that depart from Florida and Nassau. From there you can hire a boat to take you directly to see the pigs.

Advice for Swimming with and Feeding the Pigs

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  1.  Never turn your back to them. (They can mistake you bum for food)
  2. Lure them into the water with food. If you want to see them swim you have to make them work for it. It also helps you get a  good picture away from the crowds.
  3. Put up your hands or splash them with water if they get too close.
  4. Only give them the recommended food. Many of the pigs have become ill or even passed away from tourist giving personal items such as snacks, and even alcohol.
  5. Be Gentle. Pigs are very smart and will react if you are overly aggressive.

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Other Activities with Hidden Beaches Tour…

Swimming with Sharks

pig 2


Feeding Iguanas


Lunch at Staniel Cay Yatch Club


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