A Rustic Vineyard Wedding In Vegas?

When people think of weddings in Vegas, it usually involves and small walk-in chapel, an Elvis impersonator, a showgirl and sometimes even a drive-thru! Its all about the frills and gimmicks. But did you know you can have beautiful, intimate, and romantic wedding at small rustic vineyard right outside the city that never sleeps? Well don’t worry I didn’t either until this year when I was asked to do a wedding styled photoshoot there.


Pahrump Valley Winery is a local winery that produces its own brand of wine as well as supplies grapes to other Nevada brands. Located only 45min away from Vegas, Pahrump,NV is a great weekend getaway option that I will write a post about at later time. If you are looking to have a in wedding in Las Vegas that is not your typical “Vegas” wedding. I would definitely consider this amazing undiscovered venue.




Photography  and Creative Direction: Gaby J

Hair and Make-up: Ruby Finch Salon

Bridal Gown: Bella Bridesmaids

Necklace: Wandering Woman


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