A Fashion Story in Havana


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Models, photographers, a designer, and make-up artist all walk into a bar…..then they all plan a trip to Cuba! Well, not exactly how it this trip happened, but it did feel pretty spontaneous.

I have always wanted to travel to Cuba and with the right amount of luck I was fortunate to meet the right poeple at the right time and 3 weeks later, here I was.

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Photo By: Lance Curry


Organized and led by talented D.C. photographer Derrel Todd, a group of talented and creative individuals all came together to create some amazing images with Havana as their backdrop.


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Photo By: Tony Brown
MG170304-7F2A1378 copy
Photo by: Derrel Todd

MG170304-7F2A0913 copy

Photo by: Marcus Green

F20A0555 copy

Photo by: Lance Curry

F20A1556 copy

Photo by: Tony Brown

F20A1689 copy

Photo by: Lance Curry

F20A1043 copy

Photo by: Lance Curry

DSC_0013 copy

Photo By: Derrel Todd


Photo by: Marcus Green


Derrel Todd

Marcus Green

Lance Curry

Tony Brown

Damon Fleming

Make-up Artist: Melissa Michelle

Designer: Kim Elleen


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